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Effects of Cocaine on the Family

The effects of cocaine on the family are numerous. When a family member is addicted to cocaine, life for the family is far from normal or routine. Cocaine addiction makes users behave in ways that hurt the very people they are closest to. Cocaine controls their thoughts and priorities, occupies their time, takes their money, demands their attention, and threatens their values. The effects of cocaine on the family are different for each family member, often causing the non-using family members to develop their own physical, psychological, and emotional problems as they struggle to adapt. In this way, the entire family falls under the controlling influence of cocaine addiction.

Effects of cocaine on the family also include chronic concern about the addict's behavior. This often leads to frequent conflicts over his or her cocaine use. Money in particular becomes a big problem for most families. Over time, family members begin to feel increasing uncertainty because they never know what problems the addict's drug use may cause them next.

Often times the cocaine addict is so preoccupied with drug use that they withdrawal from the family. This is one of the many effects of cocaine on the family. The cocaine addict will choose to spend time alone or with other drug users getting high instead of spending time with their family. This growing isolation can throw a chill into family relationships and deeply hurt the people the addict is closest to.

Feelings of fear and guilt are common effects of cocaine on the family. The user's family will fear the unpredictable consequences of cocaine addiction. These include overdose, stealing, health issues, and many other social and psychological problems associated with cocaine addiction. In addition to the feelings of fear and guilt, the effects of cocaine on the family often cause family members the blame themselves for the cocaine addict's addiction. Many times parents will feel that they must have failed their child in some way and that is what caused the cocaine addiction. It should be noted that this is usually not the case. In most cases, the child knows that cocaine use is wrong and they choose to experiment with the drug anyway. It is the child's poor choice which leads to their downward spiral into drug addiction.

Because cocaine is such a high priority for the addict, family members may be forced to make painful and unreasonable compromises. The effects of cocaine on the family often times hinder the joys of normal family living. As a result, family members feel resentful and disappointed that the drug has caused such remoteness of the user from the family.

If your loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, you need to learn about their addiction before you can help them. Cocaine addiction is a harmful and sometimes deadly problem that affects both the user's body and mind. Cocaine addiction interrupts normal family living causing deterioration of the family unit. Family members often unknowingly enable the addict to use cocaine. By intervening instead of enabling, family members can free themselves of the effects of cocaine on the family. The family must stop making excuses and covering for the addict in order to help the addict and save the family. Recovery from cocaine addiction means establishing a life free from drugs. When family members get professional help and the addict enters drug addiction treatment, both the family and the addict begin the road to recovery.