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Cocaine Facts

Cocaine Facts: Street terms for cocaine include coke, blow, nose candy, snowball, tornado, and wicky stick

Cocaine Facts: Cocaine comes as a white crystalline powder and "Crack" or "rock" cocaine is an off-white, chunky material

Cocaine Facts: Powder cocaine is generally snorted or dissolved in water and injected, crack cocaine is usually smoked

Cocaine Facts: Cocaine is the second most common illicit drug in the United States

Cocaine Facts: About 10% of Americans over the age of 12 have tried cocaine at least once in their lifetime, about 2 percent have tried crack, and nearly one percent is currently using cocaine

Cocaine Facts: The United States-Mexico border is the primary point of entry for cocaine shipments being smuggled into the United States

Cocaine Facts: Organized crime groups based in Colombia control most of the worldwide supply of cocaine

Cocaine Facts: Cocaine prices depend upon the purity of the product

Cocaine Facts: In 2001, cocaine purity declined by 8%, from 86% pure in 1998 to a 78% pure in 2001 (The decrease in purity indicates a decrease in the supply of cocaine in the United States)

Cocaine Facts: Nationwide, prices ranged from $12,000 to $35,000 per kilogram

Cocaine Facts: Cocaine is powerfully addictive

Cocaine Facts: The mixing of cocaine and alcohol creates cocaethylene in the body which increases risk of sudden death

Cocaine Facts: Cocaine-related deaths are often a result of cardiac arrest or seizures followed by respiratory arrest

Cocaine Facts: Cocaine is classified as a Schedule 2 Controlled Substance under the federal Controlled Substances Act and is illegal in most circumstances

Cocaine Facts: In Texas, 200-300 cocaine overdose deaths are reported each year

Cocaine Facts: The number of Americans that use cocaine weekly has remained steady at around a half million since 1983 according to the 1993 Household Drug Survey; 582,000 (0.3% of the population)
were frequent cocaine users in 1995 (frequent meaning use on 51 or more days during the past year)

Cocaine Facts: Cocaine raises body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure

Cocaine Facts: Young, single people are the most frequent users of cocaine with male users outnumbering female users two to one

Cocaine Facts: Adults 18 to 25 years old have a higher rate of current cocaine use than those in any other age group

Cocaine Facts: Cocaine is a drug extracted from the leaves of the coca plant (Erythroxlon coca) which grows in South America

Cocaine Facts: 90% of Cocaine users smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol, or used marijuana before trying cocaine

Cocaine Facts: It is estimated that 22 to 25 million people have tried Cocaine at least once

Cocaine Facts: Conservative estimates indicate that there are over two million cocaine addicts in the United States today

Cocaine Facts: On the street, pure Cocaine is diluted or "cut" with other substances to increase the quantity, and thereby increase the profits of its sellers

Cocaine Facts: Pure cocaine was first used in the 1880's as a local anesthetic in eye, nose, and throat surgeries because of its ability to provide anesthesia as well as to constrict blood vessels and limit bleeding