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Cocaine Detox

Cocaine detox is different than many other drug detox programs Because cocaine is water-soluble it disperses through and out of the user's body quickly. Just like the relatively short lived high cocaine brings brings to the mind, it does not stay in the user's body very long either. Consequently, there is no technical, medical detox process for cocaine withdrawal. Although there is not a medical detox process, there is still a psychological withdrawal that goes along with stopping cocaine use. This is where cocaine detox takes place. It helps the user though their psychological withdrawal symptoms. The rebound effect from being on a binge of using cocaine can make a person feel extremely low and show symptoms of depression. This psychological dependency issue and resulting effects need to be addressed while a person is going through detox, withdrawal from cocaine use. Cocaine is always "cut", reducing its strength and purity. This "cutting" process is done with a variety of substances, including vitamin B and baby laxative. These products can have their own toxic effect on the human body and may require some type of stabilization process. Binges, or long periods of consistently using cocaine, can have its own serious, physical consequences. Binges can last for days at a time and the participants stay up all night doing cocaine. These are all important issues in the initial cocaine detox, withdrawal and stabilization prior to a person being prepared to participate in rehab for cocaine abuse.

Cocaine detox may not require the use of drug detox medications. Cocaine detox is appropriate for persons that use powder cocaine as well as crack cocaine. It is generally believed that cocaine does not produce withdrawal symptoms but on the contrary results in psychological dependence in the user. Heavy users of cocaine will experience intense cravings to use the drug and tend to stop at nothing to obtain more. The desire to obtain cocaine may supercede the need to eat or take care of ones self. Heavy cocaine users tend to have lost weight usually in direct correlation within rising levels of use but this is not always the case. The most apparent signs of needing cocaine detox are changes in behavior. Cocaine users tend to have extreme and irrational mood swings and may become easily angered. They tend toward sleeplessness and may engage in repetitive activities such as repeated cleaning of objects or vacuuming. Persons needing cocaine detox may be prone to violence often directed at a partner or loved one and become irritated and angry when confronted about their drug use. Cocaine detox is generally done in residential treatment using nutritional monitoring and vitamin supplements. It is important to monitor vital functions because cocaine use may severely damage internal organs, especially the heart.

Attending a residential rehab center will help cocaine abusers recovery from their addiction. They will provide counseling to the individual to help them cope with their feelings of depression and to help them find a new way to feel happy and satisfied. The first step of cocaine detox is admitting that they do have a problem with cocaine. However, the first few days of the cocaine detox process will be the most difficult for the individual. They must find new things to occupy their mind and if they can get through the first week, the individual is most likely to be successful. While the individual will still feel cravings for the drug, he or she will have to develop new habits or they may be prone to return to their previous drug use habits. While it may be difficult, the user needs to know there is a lot of help available to them. There are many drug treatment facilities that will assist the individual with their cocaine detox and give them the tools they need to successfully beat their cocaine addiction.