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Cocaine Prevention

Prevention should start early in the preadolescent years for those who are at risk. This would include children in families with a history of any addiction such as alcoholism and drug use. However simplistic the concept, teaching youngsters to say "no" to smoking, alcohol, and drugs is an excellent prevention tool. If we can keep the children and our future generations from the gateway drugs of nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana, then we may be able to prevent the escalation to harder drugs such as cocaine.

Science-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Planning System Now Available to States

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) today announced the availability of Communities That Care (CTC) -- a science-based substance abuse prevention planning system for use by States and communities to help prevent drug and alcohol abuse before it starts.

CTC models a community-wide approach to prevention that also enables communities to select the right substance use prevention program for their needs in preventing substance abuse problems. CTC helps communities monitor and improve overall program quality, and ultimately prevention practice.

$quot;The Communities That Care system has a long and distinguished history across our country and by incorporating the CTC tools and processes, States and communities across the U.S. seeking to use CSAP’s Strategic Prevention Framework will now have the technology they need to succeed,$quot; said Assistant Surgeon General Eric Broderick, D.D.S., M.P.H., SAMHSA's Acting Deputy Administrator.

Broderick further explained: $quot;With the acquisition of the CTC operating system, we now have the opportunity for communities to engage in locally operated, data-driven, evidence-based prevention using the latest advances in prevention science.$quot;

SAMHSA Communities That Care materials are available on their website, for downloading and reproduction. The Regional Centers for Applied Prevention Technology (CAPT) will provide upon request a Training of Trainers of the CTC tool to States. The States then will be able to assist communities in implementing CTC in their areas. The CTC products were acquired from the Channing Bete Company in September of 2005. The system enhances the SPF program and provides useful tools and materials, including a student survey to guide communities in developing comprehensive plans to solve substance abuse and other related problems in communities.