• Statistics for Albany, New York
  • The population of Albany is 145,749. Of that number, 69,462 are Males and 76,287 are Females.

    Albany, New York population breakdown by age is as follows:

    5.44 % are Under Age 5
    5.92 % are 5 to 9 Years Old
    5.70 % are 10 to 14 Years Old
    7.94 % are 15 to 19 Years Old
    10.44 % are 20 to 24 Years Old
    14.64 % are 25 to 34 Years Old
    14.19 % are 35 to 44 Years Old
    12.74 % are 45 to 54 Years Old
    4.44 % are 55 to 59 Years Old
    3.66 % are 60 to 64 Years Old
    7.16 % are 65 to 74 Years Old
    5.49 % are 75 to 84 Years Old
    2.22 % are over 85 Years Old

    Albany Stats
    The Total Area covered by Albany, New York is 49.11 Sq. Miles.
    The population density in Albany, NY. is 2,986.53 persons/sq. mile.
    The Albany elevation is 30 Ft.

    Enrollment and Education for Albany:
    44,406 students are enrolled in school in Albany, New York (over 3 years of age).
    Of those who are enrolled in Albany:
    2,196 students are attending Nursery School in Albany.
    1,725 students are enrolled in Kindergarten.
    13,655 students in Albany are enrolled in Primary School
    6,861 students attend High School in Albany.
    19,969 students attend College in Albany.
    Albany Employment Info:
    69,536 people are employed in Albany.
    7,279 people are unemployed in Albany, New York.
    Data on Household Economics in Albany:
    Household earnings breakdown:
    Under $10,000 yearly: 8,067
    $10,000.00 to $14,999 yearly: 4,671
    $15,000 to $24,999 yearly: 8,624
    $25,000 to $34,999 yearly: 8,030
    $35,000 to $49,999 yearly: 9,466
    $50,000 to $74,999 yearly: 11,163
    $75,000 to $99,999 yearly: 5,795
    $100,000 to $149,999 yearly: 3,869
    $150,000 to $199,999 yearly: 1,111
    $200,000 or more yearly: 873

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Drug Rehab in Albany

Drug rehabilitation in Albany is available for persons who are having difficulties with illicit street drug, medical drug or alcohol abuse, addiction and dependence. Individuals may need treatment at an alcohol and drug rehab facility in Albany for more than one substance abuse problem, as is sometimes the situation. Regardless of what substances the person is misusing or struggling with addiction to to, there are drug rehabilitation centers in Albany which address any and all types of drug or alcohol addiction. People who are involved in substance abuse can rest assured that they are not alone in their struggle with drug or alcohol addiction and there are powerful options available. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Albany can help individuals at any stage of their drug addiction as well, and it is in no way too early or too late to reach out for help. The faster somebody makes it into alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Albany the quicker rehabilitation experts can start applying effective rehab tools to help them become off of drugs so they can get their life back on track.

It can definitely be disheartening to find that people who are struggling with drug addiction appear as though they don't want help in the form of drug rehabilitation facility. For instance, guilt and shame can cause a person who is drug addicted to be in total denial that they even have an issue. To come to terms with this would imply that they have been wrong and have caused harm to themselves and other individuals because of this. In order to save these men and women before things spin out of control and they are impacted by too many damaging effects as a result of their drug addiction or alcoholism, it may be necessary to intervene and ensure they get assistance in drug rehab in the Albany area. If this is the case, there are confirmed techniques of doing so which can be utilized instantly to save their lives. A drug intervention is an excellent illustration of this, and is an approach which has been very effective in convincing people who would have normally been lost to a lifestyle of drug or alcohol addiction to accept treatment and go to an Albany alcohol and drug rehab.

A drug intervention may be organized quickly and there are even expert drug interventionists who have been educated and certified to hold successful interventions. Drug interventionists can assist intervention participants, which are primarily intimate friends and loved ones, to organize for this process to ensure it is a success. The intervention members will get ready in advance what will be said to the addicted individual at the intervention itself, letters which generally include how drug addiction has ruined their lives and relationships and what they can do to make a change and get help. It is crucial that when they decide to go to treatment all logistics are prepared and arranged far ahead of time so that there are no hurdles which could prevent them from leaving for drug treatment in Albany immediately. This will guarantee they have no time to question their conclusion or even worse go on a final binge which might have severe consequences and destroy anything which was achieved by using the drug intervention.

Once the individual does make it to alcohol and drug treatment, they will of course be particularly vulnerable and have quite a few physical and psychological obstacles to deal with. It isn't a cake walk, and expert rehabilitation specialists at a drug treatment in Albany know what individuals are dealing with when they first decide to stop using drugs. The immediate risk is relapse, mainly because individuals grow to be dependent to drugs or alcohol and will begin experiencing extreme cravings and experience punishing symptoms of withdrawal when they first stop abusing drugs and alcohol. This is one of the reasons it is so difficult to quit on one's own. In an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program in Albany however, they can have all of the assistance and specialty care that they have to have when they cease drug use. Detox professionals guarantee every step is taken to curb urges to use and supply a stress free environment so that people can safely detoxify from drugs and alcohol without incident, and move onto the subsequent crucial aspects of rehab.

Although detoxification and drug and alcohol withdrawal can seem like significant obstacles to conquer when an individual is in the midst of this process, it is just a very minor step on the road to full rehabilitation. It takes a considerable amount of time in rehab in a drug rehab in Albany, a lot more than just detox, to completely handle drug addiction to ensure the person is assured that they can stay off of drugs. Many individuals are under the misguided belief that they can stay sober and decide to leave rehabilitation right after detox, but these individuals most often find themselves back on drugs or back again in drug and alcohol rehab in Albany because of unaddressed addiction issues. Rehabilitation specialists have known this reality for a long time and are trained to apply effective rehabilitation methods to address these issues.

To put forth a truly committed effort at not only abstaining from drugs but remaining that way once treatment is over with, it is important to go through rehab in as superior a treatment setting possible. There are a number of rehab options available in Albany, not all deliver the same results. How long someone remains in treatment and location significantly affect treatment results, and the most proven and proven alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities in Albany call for no less than a 3 month inpatient stay and for even more time in certain instances. Extended residential and inpatient drug treatment centers in Albany provide proven and efficient detox solutions and followed that up with extensive personalized counseling and the application of other proven treatment methods that are helpful in handling significant drug or alcohol addiction troubles. When the individual is no longer plagued by such difficulties in their life, they will have a better chance at staying off of drugs and have a full and healthy life after rehab.

If you or an individual you know needs treatment for drug or alcohol addiction or alcoholism, drug rehab in Albany is available for anybody with any type of addiction and at any stage of their addiction. Get in touch with a treatment counselor right away to get help.

There are 24 listings in Albany, New York:

Drug Rehab By City
  • NA meetings in Albany:
  • ACCA
    90 McCarty Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12202

    Tuesday - 7:00 PM
  • Emmus Methodist Church
    Morris & West Lawrence
    Albany, NY. 12206

    Wednesday - 6:30 PM
  • Equinox
    95 Central Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12203

    Tuesday - 6:00 PM
  • Gay Community Center
    332 Hudson Street
    Albany, NY. 12210

    Thursday - 7:30 PM
  • Homer Perkins Center
    76-82 2Nd Street
    Albany, NY. 12210

    Tuesday - 7:30 PM
  • Ida Yarborbough Houses
    270 North Pearl Street
    Albany, NY. 12207

    Friday - 7:30 AM
    Monday - 7:30 AM
    Thursday - 7:30 AM
    Tuesday - 7:30 AM
    Wednesday - 7:30 AM
  • Interfaith Homeless Shelter
    176 Sheridan Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12210

    Monday - 7:00 PM
  • Last House on the Block Group
    82 Clinton Street
    Albany, NY. 12202

    Friday - 1:00 PM
  • McKownville United Methodist Church
    1565 Western Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12203

    Friday - 6:30 PM
    Wednesday - 7:00 PM
  • Miracles in NA Group
    82 Clinton Street
    Albany, NY. 12202

    Tuesday - 1:00 PM
  • Moment of Clarity Group
    82 Clinton Street
    Albany, NY. 12202

    Thursday - 7:00 PM
  • Pine Grove Methodist Church
    Central Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12210

    Tuesday - 7:00 PM
  • Reality Group
    82 Clinton Street
    Albany, NY. 12202

    Friday - 7:30 PM
  • Saint Andrews Episcopal Church
    10 North Main Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12203

    Friday - 7:00 PM
  • Salvation Army
    452 Clinton Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12210

    Thursday - 7:30 PM
    Tuesday - 7:30 PM
    Sunday - 7:30 PM
  • Sparc
    64 Second Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12202

    Saturday - 10:00 AM
  • Trinity Church
    255 Lark Street
    Albany, NY. 12207

    Wednesday - 7:00 PM
  • Unity Church
    Corner Of King Avenue And Bradford Street
    Albany, NY. 12206

    Friday - 6:00 PM
    Monday - 6:00 PM
  • VA Hospital
    113 Holland Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12202

    Friday - 8:00 PM
    Monday - 7:30 PM
    Saturday - 8:00 PM
    Sunday - 6:00 PM
  • West End Presbyterian Church
    585 Central Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12206

    Saturday - 6:00 PM
    Thursday - 6:00 PM
  • Whitney M Young Medical Center
    900 Lark Drive
    Albany, NY. 12210

    Wednesday - 12:00 PM
  • Working the Steps Group
    405 Washington Avenue
    Albany, NY. 12210

    Tuesday - 7:30 PM